KM “Solov’ine”

We change your statement about the quality of everyday life

The process of everyday life of our houses and victors has the best technologies and materials.

with our complete set you will pay up to $ 10,000 for repairs

Our cottage

Uniquely inspired

1st over heat underlay, screed, finishing plastering of walls, electrical and plumbing installations, boiler, boiler, pump, radiators, windows, entrance doors, five-chamber energy-saving windows.


Own artesian well 40 m, 3-level septic tank.

Internal structures

Aerated concrete blocks 100 mm thick, ceiling height 2.7 meters, reinforced concrete floors between floors.


Covering of metal tiles with mineral wool insulation, vapor barrier, hydro barrier.

Exterior decoration

External walls are 400 mm thick aerated concrete blocks + 50 mm polystyrene insulation.


Pit at the mark of 1.47 m, foundation cushion 800 mm, strip foundation 400 mm, waterproofing.

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